On the route of the "Silesianka" family day trip you will find 5 lookout towers and viewpoints from which you can admire the landscape of the Czech-Polish border region. The route starts at the Knights' Bastion in Wodzisław Śląski, where you can pick up materials about the whole trail.

On the route of the trip there are the following lookout towers of the "Silesianka" trail:

- The Knights' Bastion in Wodzisław Śląski - picturesquely situated in the Grodzisko Forest,

- Lookout tower on the Oder Border Meanders in Chałupki in Krzyżanowice - here you can enjoy the view of the naturally meandering Odra River, the lookout tower is located approximately in the middle of the pedestrian and cycling path,

- Viewing tower at the ruins of Tworków Castle - from the tower in the west wing of the castle you can see not only this picturesque building and the surrounding park from a different perspective, but also the panorama of Tworków and the Tworków Forest,

- Viewing point in the Moravian Gate Arboretum in Raciborz - theobject can be found in the Obora district, in the forest area above the so-called "Enchanted garden", a plant labyrinth,

- Lookout tower and observation point in Pogrzebień - this futuristic building, standing beside the transit road, offers 360 degree views. The building is beautifully lit at night.

Near the lookout towers you can further visit:

- The square, the Dietrichstein Castle and the Trzy Wzgórza Family Amusement Park in Wodzisław Śląski,

- A castle with a park in Kokoszyce,

- Castle and Multimedia Centre of Upper Oder in Chałupki,

- Blacksmithing Museum in Bieńkowice,

- Arboretum of Moravian Gate with a mini zoo and a nature trail,

- The historic center of Racibórz with the Marian Column in the square, Piast Castle and the Castle Brewery,

- Łężczok Nature Reserve,

- Baildon Castle in Pogrzebień,

- Castle in Rzuchów,

- The 4 km long nature trail "Bociek" in Pogrzebień.