The one-day bicycle trip of the "Silesianka" trail starts in Ostrava, in the Landek Park tourist area leading along the Oder River. Then the route continues to the Opava River towards Hlučín Lake, through Hlučín and then after crossing the border in Hať-Tworków you enter the territory of Poland. From the last lookout tower on the route - Meandry Odry - continue to Chałupky and then to Bohumín and Ostrava's Landek Park.

A more detailed description of the trip can be found below.

Near the lookout towers you can further visit:

On the route of the trip there are the following lookout towers of the Silesianka trail:

  •         Lookout tower "Hošťálkovice" in Ostrava - a wooden structure from which you can see the panorama of the surrounding landscape - the Ostrava agglomeration, the Třebovice heating plant and the Beskydy Mountains,
  •         Observation tower at the ruins of the castle in Tworków - From the tower in the west wing of the castle you can see not only this picturesque building and the surrounding park from a different perspective, but also the panorama of Tworków and the Tworków Forest,
  •         Lookout tower on the Oder Border Meanders inChałupki in Krzyżanowice - here you can enjoy the view of the naturally meandering Oder River; the lookout tower is located approximately in the middle of the pedestrian and cycling path.