1st day

We begin our hike around the Slate Land in the Czech Republic in Jeseník nad Odrou. We begin in the vicinity of the Połom railway sta- tion/bus stop, which is located approx. 3 km away from the first lookout tower along the Silesianka trail. Lookout tower “Blahutovice” in Jeseník nad Odrou is a steel 27.5-me- ter-high structure with wooden elements with a lookout point located 15 meters above the ground, which offers the panor- ama of: the Beskid Mountains with Lysá hora, ranges of the Hostýn Mountains and the Oder Mountains and the Poodří Protect- ed Landscape Area. Accommodation in Budišov nad Budišovkou. From Jeseník nad Odrou you can get there by train or bus (about 1.5 hours).


In the vicinity:

•  bird observatory next to the pond in Blahutovice

•  “Jesenická kyselka” water springs

•  Jeseník nad Odrou castle.

This is a 3-day hike, we recommend looking for accommodation preferably in Budišov nad Budišovkou. You can get there from Jeseník nad Odrou by train or bus (approx.

1.5 h), whereas the railway station and the bus stop are located close to the spring in Jeseník.

Source: Mapy.cz

2nd day

The second day of our hike is intense as we need to cover approximately 19 kilometers! We start from the Svatoňovice railway sta- tion, which is located approx. 10 kilometers away from Budišov nad Budišovkou. You can get there by bus or by train. The first attrac- tion is the lookout tower “Těchanovická vydhlídka”, another object along the Silesianka trail. It towers over the town of Staré Těcha- novice, whereas its observation deck offers a view of the one and only rolling landscape of Nízký Jeseník. It mostly faces the west. This is where the village of Staré Těchanov- ice is located. Behind it, in a valley, you can see the largest tourist attractions in the vicinity, that is the Kružberk lake and dam (Přehrada Kružberk). Before we go there, you can use the wooden lawn chairs next to the lookout tower and take some rest, enjoying the sunrays.


In the vicinity:

•  Kružberk dam on the Moravica river

•  remnants of a small fortified castle

•  The Slate Museum (Muzeum Břidlice) and an educational trail in the town of Budišov nad Budiškovkou.

 We are approx. 3.5 kilometers away from the lookout tower “Halaška” situated away from the center of Budišov nad Budišovkou. It was named “Halaška” to commemorate one of the most famous residents of Budišov, a physi- cist, mathematician and astronomer, Fran- tišek Ignác Kassián Halaška. The building is located on the Kopřivná hill. The observation deck offers a view of Budišov nad Budišovk- ou, peaks of the Jeseníky Mountains, the Beskids and the Oder Mountains as well as the Kružberk dam, the Red Mountain in the vicinity of Libava and the White Carpathians (Bílé Karpaty).

We have walked approx. 19 kilometers on foot! We can spend the night in Budišov nad Budišovkou or we can go to the town of Odry (approx. 1 hour by train or bus), which we will be exploring on the 3rd day of our trip.